July 23, 2012

Cruising Through Art of the Caribbean

Pia Catton continues her reports of her visits to the Caribbean: Crossroads of the World Exhibits in New York City in this article for the Wall Street Journal. One of the most striking images in the three-museum exhibit “Caribbean: Crossroads of the World” is Leo Matiz’s 1939 shot of a man casting a huge circular fishing net from the bow of a boat. The net ripples and swirls against the sky just before it will be plunged into the water. “That is really hard to do. I’ve tried it,” said my museum companion for the day, the Barbados-born modern dancer Sean Scantlebury. Mr. Scantlebury and I went to the Queens Museum of Art as part of my effort to see all three shows in the Caribbean exhibit—an expansive……….

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